2019 including infographics and statistics

So, how did the year go?


  • Vienna Half-Marathon, 2:15:11 – enjoyable as a run and a holiday, the race went as well as could be expected given injury-induced lack of training.
  • Milton Keynes Marathon, 5:01:07 – with far too few long distance runs in my legs, and suffering from knee pain, I tried to jeff my way around. It almost worked but I ran out of steam and slumped to slower than London 2018, which had been my target to beat. With hindsight, I wish I’d then tried harder to beat 5 hours which would have been still something to note. A great race with fantastic support – I may return in 2021.
  • Clacton 10k, 56:19. A rather frustrating race, with no attempt at starting people in order of speed, and the start being too broad compared to what followed, the inevitable result being a fair bit of queuing to make progress; on the lower prom, there were sections with deep sand.
  • Great East Run (half-marathon), 2:10:09. Very satisfied with this, as it was four minutes faster than I planned, and I achieved some really good pace control throughout, getting the pace appropriate for the ups and the downs.
  • A14 Great Ouse Challenge (7km), 49:04. I ran this at a deliberately gentle pace – it was a unique opportunity to run along the new Huntingdon southern bypass before the road opened in December, but was for me it inconveniently timed the afternoon before the Great Eastern Run, so I wanted to take it very easy.
  • Great Eastern Run. Cancelled on the day, after spending a lot of time standing in cold rain. A man acting suspiciously on the course had been reported, and resulted in an armed police response in fear of a suicide bomber. Fortunately it proved to be a false alarm, but not without causing enough delay to make holding the race on closed roads no longer possible.
A decent year’s running – a smidgen further than 2018, but slower – too much weight being carried, and too little good training ahead of the spring races due to persistent injuries in late 2018 and early 2019. Here are previous years for comparison…
The Veloviewer wheel for 2019 shows a slightly different distance run as it doesn’t include my few treadmill runs. Mostly UK, naturally, but with four runs in Norway (three in the Arctic) and a couple in Vienna.
Fairly consistent monthly distances.
This shows how many tiles (an area of the Openstreetmap maps) I’ve visited – fairly consistent across the months, and showing ongoing good outcomes of my vow to keep my running interesting and fresh by keeping finding new places to run, or at least places I haven’t been to for some time, rather than re-running the same routes again and again.
My Voronoi diagram of UK parkruns visited shows a slowly growing expanse of green – two new ones in Cambridgeshire to visit in weeks to come to fill that little gap, but quite a few more apparently in the pipeline in Norfolk. A few other scattered ones will be added in the next few months too.

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