Boston marathon

Boston Marathon (UK) postponed

So the almost inevitable has happened, and the Boston UK marathon has been postponed, until 13 September (maintaining the link with Boston USA).

I will be contacted in due course, and offered one of three options:

1. Do nothing and thus transfer my entry to 13 September.
2. Request deferment to the 2021 Boston Marathon, on Sunday 18th April 2021.
3. Request withdrawal of my entry, with a refund of 90%.

Given that I currently plan to be running my own marathon distance on 19 April 2020, all three have some attraction – I will have to ponder. It would be good, in these difficult times, to have a fresh focus for my running. I shan’t be paying to enter any races for the time being, until the situation becomes much clearer, so having one ready prepared in September 2020 or April 2021 has something to commend it, and having set out to run Boston, it would be good to do so. But marathon training is quite a commitment – do I want to sign up for it, again? Should I return to somewhat shorter distances which put less strain on my body – or do I take the time to gain further improvements in my approach which have already significantly reduced the impact?

There will be a little while to think about it…

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