London Marathon

Getting longer

28km this morning, my longest yet. I found it went in four phases, perhaps more mental than physical.

First it was easy, as any run will be to start with. Second it turned hard with my legs no longer fresh and as I became aware of still how far it was to go. Third it became more comfortable again as the legs became metronomic, before finally turning tough but manageable near the end.

Long gentle inclines (even less than 1% slope) still get to me, particularly if the road is fairly straight too – my head tells me it’s level and that I should be able to maintain my normal pace without difficulty, but my legs disagree.

I ran slightly faster than intended, and managed to maintain that pace right to the end so that was very encouraging.

It was mostly on roads to the north of home with a lot of flooding to negotiate, with a little bit on field paths which were rather muddy and I lost my shoe once.

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